zaterdag 6 november 2010

Supreme court to hear appeal by Enron's Skilling

In 2006 Jeffrey Skilling, former Enron Chief Executive, was convicted of 19 felony counts and has been sentenced to 24 years prison because one of the biggest fraud cases of the last decade. 
In October 2009 Skilling and his lawyer applied to review his case on the grounds that a legal concept known as the “honest services” wasn’t used in the right way. “Honest services” is the duty to be honest that business leaders or politicians have towards shareholders or the public. The problem is that this law is poorly defined. 
Peter Henning, an expert in white collar crime, said: "The lower courts have diverged on their interpretation of honest services." He is going to use this case and put parameters on it to give the courts some help how they can deal with this legal concept. He also said that it’s unlikely that the Supreme Court, which will deal with Skilling’s appeal, will drop all convictions. But there’s a chance that there will be a fresh trial if the judges can redefine the honest services concept. 

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